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The Golf Course

Experience the advantages of modern construction techniques, including USGA specification greens, tees, and approaches, as well as a state-of-the-art automated irrigation system. If it weren’t for the stunning lakes, you might mistake this Alliss & Clark design for a seaside links course. Located just minutes from the A3/M25, its rolling terrain and tranquil ambiance make it a must-visit destination for golf enthusiasts.

Featuring 23 acres of strategically placed lakes, each hole offers a unique and exhilarating experience on a naturally well-drained landscape.

WHS Course Handicap Table

Local Rules

  • Penalty Areas - Red Stakes

    All lakes and significant bodies of water at Pyrford are treated as RED Penalty Areas (PA). As a general guiding rule, ‘contours of the ground’ containing the lakes define the PA’s such that the high point of the graded banks would form the margin line. Note, these are NOT specifically marked with stakes nor painted lines.

    Red stakes are sporadically positioned to indicate the approximate margin of a Penalty Area (PA), but NOT to define the exact margin and should not be used as ‘point to point’. The exact marginal point of crossing (the reference point for dropping a ball) is defined by the line formed by the ground just as it slopes significantly down to the depression that holds the water in the vicinity of the stake.

    Where the gradient is extensive or shallow and considered more as the usual playing area, the PA is to be taken as being ground similar in proximity and type to that of the nearest stake. Note, if a ball lies in water that is connected to the main body of water from a PA, then the ball is considered as in the PA, regardless of the position of the stakes.

  • The Practice Range

    The whole of the practice range is a ‘No Play’ area, a ball coming to rest within the marked boundary of the range MUST NOT be played. How such a ball is dealt with depends on the stakes marking the boundary where crossed.

    A ball crossing from the 12th hole MUST be dropped from the point of crossing. It may NOT be searched for, found nor played as this perimeter is marked as a No Play Penalty Area with Red and Green stakes. Note, the water is included in this area, but NOT the fairway side water banks, these areas are considered ‘general playing area’.

    A ball crossing from the 13th and 14th holes must be replayed (stroke and distance) as the perimeter is marked with White ‘Out of Bounds’ markers.

  • Ball Landing on the Wrong Green

    When a shot is played and the ball comes to rest on the wrong green, the area of the ‘wrong green’ is defined to include the closely mown surround that is within 3 club lengths of the green, (for example a drive from the 4th tee lands on the green or fringe of the 1st green), relief from this area MUST be taken, using rule 16.1. A ball in the rough or outside of this relief area should be played as it lies.

  • Protective Course Fences

    Pyrford Lakes employs full fairway width fences to protect aprons and green surrounds from buggy and trolley traffic. Please follow these guided areas. They are currently used on the 2nd, 4th, and 18th holes. All such fences are defined as immovable obstructions and are treated by the ‘stance and swing’ relief option of rule 16.1.

  • Vehicles Parked on the Course

    As a temporary measure, there are vehicles being parked in the general playing area along the right hand side of the 18th fairway, passed the bridge. These are considered as ‘Temporary Immovable Obstructions‘ and line-of-sight relief may be taken, dropping using rule 16.1. The same ruling applies to greenkeeper vehicles and machinery.

  • Greenside Sprinkler Heads

    There is no concession for a green-side sprinkler head being on a potential putting line when a ball is not on the green. Whilst it used to be allowed as a local rule, this no longer exists. Play the ball as it lies.

  • Winter Rules

    A preferred lie on fairways is authorised by England Golf (R&A) over the winter period currently defined as 1st October to 30th April. Normal rules will then be re-implemented from 1st May unless stated on the Pyrford website.

  • Out of Bounds

    Beyond the perimeter of the course is defined by either boundary fences or White stakes.

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Hole Black
Par Stroke
Par Stroke
1 367 341 4 10 329 4 10
2 164 144 3 12 140 3 12
3 325 296 4 16 269 4 16
4 504 487 5 6 469 5 6
5 371 348 4 8 324 4 8
6 127 119 3 18 119 3 18
7 358 337 4 4 293 4 4
8 295 267 4 14 144 3 14
9 579 557 5 2 478 5 2
10 168 147 3 11 136 3 11
11 457 428 4 1 383 4 1
12 517 456 5 13 443 5 13
13 413 350 4 3 320 4 3
14 278 253 4 17 245 4 17
15 312 284 4 7 274 4 7
16 361 351 4 5 338 4 5
17 151 110 3 15 110 3 15
18 488 475 5 9 444 5 9
Out 3090 2896 36 2565 35
In 3145 2854 36 2693 36
Total 6235 5750 72 5258 71

Why Not Try?

“One of the most enjoyable tracks around. Not easy but certainly scenic and in very good shape. The greens were fast and true, fairways were decent although rough was rough. Lots of water which adds to the beautiful lay out making it a very enjoyable day out. We will be back and I can highly recommend Pyrford Lakes. Great value for money!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Thomas Cilliers
“Great course that once you start playing you realise why it is called Pyrford LAKES!!!! Water everywhere that not only makes its a challenge but very interesting to walk round with plenty of waterfowl to be seen.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Paul Savage
“Amazing course in an incredible setting. Team are fantastic at keeping it pristine. A must play.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Westbox321
“Beautiful greens and a great layout. I look forward to seeing how some of the changes develop over the next year. Staff in the clubhouse were friendly and professional plus the food was decent ”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Christopher David
“Last time I played here (2012) I remember giving the course a less than flattering review. It seems like it's all changed now. I don't remember the course that well, so I can't say what the changes are, but this is now one very nice course. If you like water and bunkers then you'll especially love it, because that's what I remember most about my round today. The greens, fairways and tees were all pretty decent too. From the yellows the course is around 5,750 yards, but don't think that because of it's length it's an easy course, because there are some tricky holes out there. The 18th has trouble on both sides of the fairway, with lots of lake hugging the left hand side as you're about to play your approach. This course is definitely worth paying a visit to.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Nev Smith