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Course Improvements Blog

We will be keeping our golfers up to date with the investments and improvements we are making to the golf course on this blog.

During the early part of 2021 we will be redeveloping and renovating all of the bunkers on the front 9. Existing bunkers will be reshaped, have new drainage added before the application of a rubber crumb base followed by the addition of new bright white sand.

Hole 1

  • Green side bunkers, front right removed.. Rear sight bunker reshaped and sand line raised.
  • Short cut approach and left side run off shaped to highlight contouring.
  • Water extended creating a great visual and hazard.
  • Two fairway bunkers positioned at 240 yards and 250 yards.
  • Left hand side fairway bunker at 200 yards.

Hole 2

  • Front right bunker removed
  • Second right-side bunker reshaped, face raised for visual from the tee
  • Large left side bunker split into two
  • Both left side bunkers moved tighter to the green
  • High faces installed to make sand visible from the tee

Hole 3 

  • First fairway bunker reshape. Steeper face making sand visible from the tee.
  • Second fairway bunker removed.
  • Three new bunkers positioned at 225, 240 and 255 yards on the left side of the fairway.
  • Green side bunker reshaped. Pulled tighter to the green with a higher face

Hole 4 

  • Two left side fairway bunkers reduced to one.
  • Sand line increased to make visible from the tee.
  • Slight reduction in size to make more manageable.
  • Shallowed to allow a mid range club shot to the second half of the fairway.
  • New bunker position to the right side of the fairway.
  • Existing bunkers removed.
  • Approach reshaped.
  • New bunker short right of green.

Hole 5 

  • Left side fairway bunker removed.
  • Approach bunker removed.
  • Greenside bunker pulled tighter to the green. Higher sand line.
  • Two new bunkers right hand side of the fairway positioned at 235 and 255 yards.

Hole 6 

  • Sand trap dug lower to create a water hazard.
  • Outlet/overflow from existing lake.
  • New bunker located right of the green in swale.
  • Pampas reduced but remaining.

Hole 7 

  • Three new fairway bunkers positioned at 200, 225 and 250.
  • Three existing green side bunkers removed.
  • One bunker positioned mid right of green between swales.
  • One new bunker to the left of the green.

Hole 8 

  • Bunkers to remain in existing locations.
  • Front left pulled into play with a higher sand line.
  • Right side bunkers pulled into play with higher sand lines.

Hole 9

  • Existing right side bunkers removed.
  • New bunker located at 250 yards on the right side.
  • Existing left side bunker reshaped with a high sand line.
  • Increased approach area.
  • Increased water hazard.
  • Existing bunker split into three strategic bunkers.
  • Higher sand lines visible from the fairway.

17/11/20: Our lake bank reconstruction project is coming along well. Massive improvement to our 14th hole with the Hydro-seeding now taking hold. Quite amazing growth for this time of the year.

12/10/2020: Our new fairway and green side bunkers on the 11th are now complete. Hydro-seeding has also been applied to speed up growth in our new fairway hollow and bunker surrounds.

19/09/2020: Our over seeding program will incorporate better grasses in to the fairways and semi rough areas which will create a thicker denser sward once established for quality all year round.


15/09/2020: We have begun the process of remodelling and renovating all of the 60 bunkers on the course. The first hole up is hole 11! Each bunker will have the existing sand removed, reshaped, new base and filled with top quality sand.