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Course Improvements Blog

We will be keeping our golfers up to date with the investments and improvements we are making to the golf course on this blog.

17/11/20: Our lake bank reconstruction project is coming along well. Massive improvement to our 14th hole with the Hydro-seeding now taking hold. Quite amazing growth for this time of the year.

12/10/2020: Our new fairway and green side bunkers on the 11th are now complete. Hydro-seeding has also been applied to speed up growth in our new fairway hollow and bunker surrounds.

19/09/2020: Our over seeding program will incorporate better grasses in to the fairways and semi rough areas which will create a thicker denser sward once established for quality all year round.


15/09/2020: We have begun the process of remodelling and renovating all of the 60 bunkers on the course. The first hole up is hole 11! Each bunker will have the existing sand removed, reshaped, new base and filled with top quality sand.