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Club News

From Dan Lucking, General Manager: Another month has flown by, with the course improving each week, our focus turns to the clubhouse. While our beautiful pontoon plans were rejected, this will allow a more significant investment in the building.   

To ensure a stable and successful long-term future for the club, we will need to grow Pyrford Lakes into more than just a golf business. The introduction of a warm and welcoming ‘Players’ Lounge’ will take pride of place in the current, pro shop/changing room space. This area is vast and totally underused. We will be looking to create a relaxed and informal area focused on the modern golfer.   

The Players’ Lounge will be the perfect place to grab a drink and some food after your round or to meet friends and family for a relaxed afternoon in beautiful surroundings. First draft proofs will be available shortly.   

With half of the building moving towards a more golf-focused environment, the current function room and bar area can be used to house functions and events that will provide important revenue throughout the year. If you would like to know more or just fancy a chat, please free to grab me for a coffee!  

Happy golfing everyone! 

Course News

From Rich Covey, Course Manager:  July saw temperatures rise into the late 20s for quite a bit of July, with a few days reaching early 30s, which meant we were on hand with hosepipes and the irrigation system to water where it was needed. 


We carried out some light maintenance to the greens this month, with a 12mm tine to a depth of 3.5 inches, this allows the soil to breathe and encourage deeper rooting. 


We sprayed the fairways with a mix of fertiliser and iron, which has worked wonders in the visual look of the fairways, giving them a gentle boost and a healthy green up. 


General greenkeeping has been the agenda throughout July, with presentation being the main factor we focus on to give all golfers a visual of the direction Pyrford Lakes is heading.  


With the Club Championship in early September, we will continue with presentation of the golf course through August — a light verticut and top dressing will take place early in the month to encourage vertical growth on the greens and stand up the grass, which will improve the overall roll of the golf ball. 

Clubhouse News

July brought with it a typical English summer weather but, despite the rain, play continued as usual. Latterly, however, it has been glorious, with sunshine all day, every day, which has seen both the Clubhouse and patio buzzing with activity. It is great to see so many of you enjoying the view and food. 

We continue to provide members and visitors with a variety of food choices and have added a good-old Sunday roast to the menu. Make sure you book ahead and get involved! 

As our on-course takeaway service has been so well received, we have decided to increase the offering! We will now be able to tempt you with light bites, sandwiches and burgers! All delivered to you straight from the kitchen.  

Our top 3!  

  • Grilled halloumi and courgette burger: toasted bun, smoked cheddar, smoked bacon, garlic mayo-dressed leaves, twice-cooked chips. 
  • Coronation chicken: mixed lettuce, mango, tomato, toasted pistachio. 
  • Breaded-cod goujons: toasted bun, tartare sauce, twice-cooked chips. 

Keep an eye out for our Member’s Update and promotional posts for further Clubhouse happenings. 

Taxi for… : While it’s fantastic to see everyone enjoying a drink or two on our beautiful patio, please remember to book yourself alternative homeward travel if you want to relax a little longer! One of our team will be more than happy to arrange a friendly trip with one of our local taxi firms.  

Staff News

Please welcome Craig Casey to the senior management team at Pyrford Lakes. Craig will be overseeing all our clubhouse operations as Food and Beverage Operations Manager. He says, “I can’t wait to start contributing my part to the recent rebranding efforts at Pyrford Lakes. I come to you with seven years’ experience as a Bar/Clubhouse Manager at golf clubs such West Hill, Camberley Heath and Walton Heath. I have a particular passion for providing both high quality products and a variety that caters for all members and guests. I’m also a keen golfer and have always loved the environment at golf clubs. Thank you to everyone I’ve met so far for being so welcoming. With all the new plans in place, here’s hoping for a great future ahead! 

Captains’ Updates

From Tony Brunt, Men’s Captain: Last month saw two more Cup Competitions played, five Friendly Fivers, two Club Medals and a Stableford, rounded off by a Men’s Friendly Pairs Match at Reigate Hill. Much organising and management by your happy administration team! Thank you to all of you who donate your time to help make the golfing life of others that much better. 

This month just gone has highlighted a couple of issues that I believe are worthy of note and to which I would like to bring to your attention.  

Firstly, the application of the new rules of golf and World Handicapping System to our club games and the changes that are working through our playing community regarding the inclusion of rounds qualifying for our handicap records.  

For anyone who has the interest and inclination to understand how the rules of our game develop and how they are applied, you have the ever-helpful Google to search it all out. Let me tell you, there are many words written, giving our small brains indigestion and, in many scenarios, the need for more of the little grey cells.  

Pete Smart is aptly named and is our non-Google, much-needed, font-of-all-knowledge. We in the admin group use this font extensively to try to get things right. He is an extremely helpful and tolerant font too!  

So far in my captaincy experience, we have had a couple of hard-to-resolve issues, the Millennium Cup was one. While a result was reached on the day, some more-informed folk had doubts on the decision. In such a situation, one needs the certainty of applicable rule(s) and so it was important to “get to the bottom of it”. This meant involving the Surrey Golf Union. We all pay our taxes so why not. 

The WHS rules, having been through them numerous times, do eventually become less opaque, as one might expect, but they are not easy to just know. There are many rules and to instantly single out intimate knowledge of rule 6.2b section 2, well I ask you! Maybe there would be more questions asked if one did know it inside out!  

Your Captain recently had to review the WHS treatment of our Jacqui and concluded that the IG app had not applied the rules properly (a discrepancy of 0.06 of a shot!!). I still have this view as we hit the newsletter publisher’s due date. However, I am in dialogue with Surrey Golf and as they cannot instantly confirm the method of multi-tee playing handicap calculation, they are having to pass it on to a higher being. Alpha Centauri is not far (only 4.4 light years), a mere snip for Obi-Wan Kenobi, so hopefully a CP3O certain result should be with us soon, perhaps as you read this. Problems always arise. We will sort them out… the truth is out there.  

General Play Cards: The other topic of discussion in our merry group is the use of General Play cards. I expect we all have our views of how to use these and incorporate them into our play. It is important to ensure we are all in the right ballpark with our handicap (index), but likely that many still revert to the ‘old’ CONGU methodology thinking.  

It was accepted that this used to be a forward-looking system as to one’s capability. The WHS takes a more current view, as it just averages the best 40% of our latest 20 games. This works well for those that play competitions frequently, which, for all keen golfers can now be achieved even if you are not a competition lover. If we do not input all games where you focus and want to win or play your best, then you miss the currency intent of this system.   

England Golf produces a great and easy to use app (MyEG) that sorts it out for us. I suggest you get it on your phone and use it. Not in a practice round, perhaps in 9-hole games if you just cannot get 18-hole rounds in your busy schedule, but do use it in otherwise non-qualifying games, like the Friendly Fiver, or a game away where you want to shine. Our organised competitions, where appropriate, are handicap qualifying, so automatically do it all for you, so just the IG scoring route is fine.   

Course work: On a more course-improvement note, the greens are maintaining their super speed and it seems we are gradually retuning our mindsets to this. Ian Smailes rocked home with a crowd beating 42 in the recent Friendly Fiver, a pleasing 1-over gross, nice.  

We have new flags, sticks and cups (thanks Dan). All very professional. Heavy sticks should fare better in the wind, new cups keep the stick vertical and now all flags are yellow! We expect a chart will be required to indicate the day’s hole positions, so keep your eyes open for this info. That and get a laser from our online Pro Shop! 

The roped areas, designating GUR no play, are gradually being mowed and returned to play. As these areas have yet to be fully restored and “de-stoned”, we are constantly reviewing the position in competitions regarding abnormal ground drops. Thankfully, we expect more mowing and less chance to lose your ball in some of these GUR areas. As they are de-roped, we will make a call on how to deal with it as far as competitions are concerned. Look out for the emails!  

All that and not even a mention of pace of play…zip across lips! Enjoy the comps, keep properly handicapped and watch our course blossom! 

Ross Jones’ Update

Get Golfing takes the conditioning of all of the golf courses at our sites incredibly seriously. We want to ensure all our members and visitors have the best playing conditions possible. We are also aware that lot’s of our sites have had some large projects taking place on their golf courses, and our Head of Course Maintenance, Ross Jones, here shares a few videos explaining some of the processes the team uses to improve your course.

The work the teams all put in across all the sites to present our courses in such great condition is outstanding. Why not visit our other sites like Warley Park and check out the progress made in person?

Community Outreach

From Stuart Williams, Community Development Officer (Education, SEND and Communities), Get Golfing: Our focus is to utilise our beautiful site and clubhouse to host social interactions ranging from Dementia coffee mornings to school art competitions, Music performances to Memory Walks as part of our Community HUB (Helping Unlock Barriers) programme. We want our local communities to feel welcome at all our venues and just meet up with friends and family for great social interactions. 

Along with some of Get Golfing’s national partnerships and programmes, such as with This Girl Can, NHS Blood and Transplant, The Great Dog Walk Together, we are pleased to announce a partnership with The Alzheimer’s Society and its battle to beat this horrendous disease. 

Taking place in September, you can join us on the day, donate to the charity and enjoy a beautiful stroll around our lovely site that starts and finishes at the clubhouse. The Get Golfing Memory Walk is family and dog friendly, so why not gather a group together and join us for a great cause? 

If you would like to help us run the event by marshalling or serving refreshments as we raise funds to fight this terrible disease, do please get in touch with me here 

More information to come in the September newsletter. 


Our national partnership with NHS Blood and Transplant continues this month with the recruitment team heading to our Hampton Court Palace site for their awareness campaign on August 14th. They will be visiting Arkley in September and Pyrford Lakes in October. 

Please remember it is about more than just blood, with people also needing stem cells, tissue and platelets. For more information visit NHS Blood and Transplant. 



Girls just wanna have fun: Our Mums & Daughters sessions that have been piloted at our Hertfordshire site took place in beautiful sunshine in July and saw more than 130 girls attend during the week. 20 ladies and girls had a super session delivered by the coaching team at the Club as part of the mums and daughters’ session. This great program creates a great social event that sees everyone making new friends, enjoying hitting it further than mum and finding a new sport that they can enjoy together.  

This Girl Can Get Golfing will be rolled out across all sites in the next 12 months. 

 If you would like more information about Girls Golf Rocks please click on the link- Girls Golf Rocks – England Golf 


Music is Healing: As part of the Community HUB (Helping Unlock Barriers) programme, Get Golfing is partnering with Music24, which will have free use of a room in the clubhouse at its Hertfordshire club to run its monthly music therapy sessions. 

Music24 is a registered charity offering music therapy and other music-related activities as a creative outlet for people who are socially isolated and vulnerable. It works with various groups across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire who face difficulties, such as those living with dementia, neuro-disabilities, learning disabilities or mental health illnesses. 

We hope to partner with similar charities at all our sites in the future and if you know of any local groups who need a free space to operate out of, we would be happy to help. Please contact [email protected].



Also in September we will launching our Adopt a school program where we identify a local special, primary and secondary school to help unlock their student’s potential. We will host a series of golfing, music, art and drama opportunities on our sites to allow their students to shine. 

Pro News

From Andrew Blackman, PGA Pro: Here are my FREE lessons for August: 

Shaping Shots: Learn how to shape the ball from right to left and left to right, high and low too. Lots of chat and information about how the club meets the ball at different paths and angles to change the flight of the ball. 

  • Wednesday, August 11th — 11.30-12.30 
  • Friday, August 13th — 13.00-14.00 
  • Saturday, August 21st — 09.30-10.30 

Maximum five people — guests welcome at £15 each. 

Please book via email: [email protected] or mobile: 07977 652798 

Paid-for sessions for August include:  

Short Game Masterclass: Maximum of four per class for 2.5 hours, all around the short game area. Learn all kinds of shots from pitching (high and low) club selection, the basic chip, tight lies, rough lies, lob shots etc. Titleist ProV1 practice balls supplied and refreshments — £60 pp.  

  • Tuesday, August 10th — 14.00-16.30 
  • Saturday, August 14th — 09.30-12.00 
  • Friday, August 20th — 14.30-17.00 

Please book via email: [email protected] or mobile: 07977 652798 

Seniors and Ladies Weekly Clinics: Every Tuesday (Seniors) and Wednesday (Ladies), both run from 10.00-11.00 and concentrate on different aspects of the game weekly. Cost is £15pp to include tea/coffee afterwards, all range balls and coaching. Roll-up format and no restriction on maximum participants, meet at 09.45.  

Please book via email: [email protected] or mobile: 07977 652798 

Sand School — Green-side Splash: Want lower scores and more sand saves? Come along to Sand School and learn how to be a master with better knowledge and technique in green-side bunkers. Maximum four per class, £20pp. 

  • Thursday, August 12th — 14.00-15.00 
  • Saturday, August 14th — 15.00-16.00 
  • Friday, August 20th — 13.00-14.00   

Please book via email: [email protected] or mobile: 07977 652798 

Junior Golf: Taking place on Saturdays with a maximum of six juniors per class, our Junior Classes are priced at £50pp for four weeks and run as follows:  

  • August 7th  
  • August 14th  
  • August 21st  
  • August 28th  

Timings for the classes are:  

  • 0900 – 10.00 (Ages 5-11)  
  • 10.00 – 11.00 (Ages 5-11)  
  • 11.00 – 12.00 (Ages 5-11  
  • 13.00 – 14.00 (Ages 12-17)  
  • 14.00 – 15.00 (Ages 12-17)  

To sign up or find out more information please contact Gus Mottershead at [email protected] or call him on 07507 682969 or Andrew at [email protected] or 07977 652798. 

Proshop News

From Nicholas Darby, Golf Retail Sales & Operations Manager: We are pleased to announce that we now offer Callaway clubs and apparel in the Pro shop as well as Titleist and TaylorMade soft goods. Click here to view. 

If you can’t find a specific product from any of our brands, please contact [email protected] and he will be happy to assist you.


Pyrford Golf Club

Our latest promotion for August is an offer of two dozen Titleist TruFeel golf balls for £45 (less your member discount). Shop Titleist TruFeel golf balls here.


Pyrford Golf Club

You can also get 5% off the Bushnell Phantom 2 – are you struggling with your yardages? The all-new Bushnell Phantom 2 will give you easy-read front, centre and back yardages to the greens, with over 38,000 course pre-loaded and ready to play. Get your Bushnell Phantom 2 here.

Pyrford Golf Club

Show your club pride with some of our all-new logo’d merchandise! With a wide range of gear available, from shirts, hats, towels, headcovers and more, make sure to get online and buy your club apparel today! Shop club merchandise here.

We have also launched our Pro Shop Sale. Grab a bargain with some discontinued merchandise on the website today! 

Remember the profits made by the Pro Shop are reinvested into your club. 


Pyrford Lakes has received some more fantastic reviews this month. Here are a selection of our favourites:

“One of the most enjoyable tracks around. Not easy, but certainly scenic, and in very good shape. The greens were fast and true, fairways were decent, although rough was rough. Lots of water, which adds to the beautiful layout making it a very enjoyable day out. We will be back, and I can highly recommend Pyrford Lakes. Great value for money!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Thomas Cilliers
“Surrey’s hidden gem.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Paul Burrows
“I love this course! It looks better and better every time I visit! ”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Matt H
“One of the best courses I’ve played in a long time.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by James Macey