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Club News

From Dan Lucking, General Manager: July marks the start of our fourth month back from lockdown and how those three months have flown! I hope you will agree the greenkeeping team have been doing a fantastic job, with all the major hard landscaping complete, we can really turn our focus to course condition and presentation. With that in mind we will be adding an additional two staff to the team!  

While we have made significant progress, there is still a lot to do. Richard and the team will be putting the finishing touches to the bunkers in the coming weeks and working on the newly hydro-seeded areas, strimming and spraying the weeds that inevitably come with new topsoil.  

Work on our path network will be starting shortly, crushed stone will be applied, levelled and finished. We will be expanding the coverage of these paths to enable buggy use during wet weather and help maintain the high-wear areas.  

All the extra members and guests enjoying Pyrford brings some additional challenges. Fourteen months ago, we would see no more than 40-50 members each day, with very little in the way of food and drink sales. Fast forward to June 2021, and the golfing world has changed! With some positive decisions, solid investment, and a dedicated team, we have been fortunate to see a dramatic increase in member numbers, day visitors, and amazing sales in our food and beverage department. 

Growth like this has put a lot of strain on our staffing levels, we have been recruiting solidly for the last three months and we are finally close to a complete team. The next step on the journey will be some intensive training for our new chefs, check-in and front-of-house food and beverage staff, please do bear with us as we build in the levels of consistency and service you should all expect.  

Have a fantastic month’s golf, and, as always, if you would like to discuss any issues or just catch up over a coffee, please just let me know.

Course News

From Rich Covey, Course Manager: June saw a very mixed bag regarding the weather, a prolonged couple of weeks of dry hot weather then turned to thunderstorms, bringing heavy rain and humid temperatures. 

The warm weather meant the irrigation system saw a lot of use at the beginning of the month, leading to another repair job on the 18th fairway. This was because the previous owners capped the pipework and cut the water off halfway between the first and second sprinkler. The repair was done in a day and now we have water to all the 18th fairway. 


The hydro-seeded areas have taken very well thanks to the high temperatures and rainfall over the past few weeks. We will continue to work on these areas: seeding, fertilising and topdressing to really get them established, as well as continuing to turf around the edges of the bunkers.   


We have applied wetting agent to all surfaces of the golf course to allow the soil to absorb and hold as much moisture as it can in the profile in the summer months. 


The course is really starting to take shape now, the fescue roughs are up and, although sometimes penal, really give the course character. The definition between fairways and rough is really looking sharp and continued hard work and maintenance will see the course continue to move in the right direction. 


July will see us carry out light maintenance to greens, continued work on hydro-seeded areas and general greenkeeping to keep progressing the standards of the golf course. 

Clubhouse News

The good news is that we have secured planning permission for the renovation of the clubhouse and for a new patio area. Work will start on this in the first quarter of 2022. Unfortunately, we did not get permission for the pontoon on the lake in front of the clubhouse on the grounds it was development in the greenbelt. We continue to review this situation. 

In due course, we will be putting in an application for a maintenance building, which will be sited to the right of the 10th tee and behind the 11th tee. This work will include creating a much-needed overflow parking area. 

As I write, we have just had a downpour, but it has been great to see every seat being used outside. New furniture has been ordered, and patio umbrellas have been a welcome addition. Long may the sunshine continue, and long may you all enjoy what we have on offer. Speaking of which, don’t miss our regular events:  

  • £12.99 – BBQ and Beer 
  • Singha Special 
  • Curry Night 
  • Live Weekend BBQs 

Many of you will have noticed that our menus often change to ensure variety, but also to provide fresh ingredients to you all. Our most recent menus are as follows: 

  • Breakfast Menu 
  • A la Carte Menu 
  • Events Menu 

Now, we don’t want to wish away the long nights and summer sun, but Christmas bookings are now open. Please click here for full details.  

We look forward to seeing more of you this summer and if there is anything you need, please ask away! 

Staff News

Staff development: At Get Golfing, we have a passion for high quality course conditioning. We invest a lot in machinery and materials to make our golf courses better places to play. We also invest heavily in our staff, with regular on-the-job training and a dedicated head-office manager to support each site’s course manager. 

As part of our commitment to the game of golf, we are also passionate about the career development of our greens staff. We see it as our duty to provide a nursery for great greenkeepers, who can go on to bigger and bigger roles in the industry, thanks in part to their Get Golfing training.  

This month (July 25th) sees the deadline for nominations for Get Golfing’s international green-keeping internship programme. Four greens staff from across the group’s sites will further their careers with work experience at one of Florida’s most prestigious resorts — Pelican’s Nest (  

Starting in January 2022, the internship programme is not only a way to escape our winter weather but a fantastic opportunity to gain work experience outside of the UK. Get Golfing will be paying for flights, wages, accommodation and additional spending money while our interns are at Pelican’s Nest.  

In addition to these placements, Get Golfing is also organising a series of seminars and opportunities to work at tournaments for the rest of its green-keeping teams to help them increase their professional expertise. 

Community Outreach Programme

As part of Get Golfing, Pyrford is committed to becoming a positive force in the local community to improve the image of golf, and the facilities we operate, amongst the wider public.  

We are, therefore, preparing to roll out a range of activities aimed at offering local people, who do not perhaps play golf, the opportunity to use our facilities to improve their health and well-being. 

These include: 

  • A partnership with the NHS Blood & Transplant service in 2021 — trialled here at Mill Green recently — to help recruit new and returning blood donors via a fun awareness campaign. We will also be offering our facilities as donor centres in the future. 
  • Joining with This Girl Can in 2022 to launch This Girl Can Get Golfing, with the goal of introducing golf to girls and ladies in a fun and free environment. Events will be held throughout the year in a bid to boost female participation in the game. You can see a video from our first event at Mill Green below:
  • Rolling out a Get Golfing TAP — Targeted Activity Programme — at the club in 2021. This is a project that gives selected school students an opportunity to access golf and healthy food at our sites through a series of events and camps. Students will be drawn from those who are, for instance, eligible for free school meals, the pupil premium or are young carers, have special educational needs or are eligible for an education healthcare plan. You can see a picture from our pilot event at Mill Green below:
  • Further to the above, we will be rolling out an Education and Special Educational Needs programme in September through school sports partnerships, school games organisers and school sports coordinators, PE coordinators, headteacher forums, the Local Education Authority and Council Sports Development Officers. 
  • Becoming a place that the local community can use to improve individual and community well-being at no impact to our core activity of golf. We will look to make our facilities available to non-traditional users, such as charities and local interest groups, at times when there is low usage by golfers. As a Community Hub, Pyrford will help to combat loneliness and inactivity in all age groups via golf, music, the arts and other sports activities. 
  • Creating free social gatherings for members, visitors and local people, such as organised dog or nature walks and bird watching events, that make use of our beautiful landscape and help to bring people together. 

Captain’s Update

From Tony Brunt, Men’s CaptainThis month I thought it would be a good time to highlight the social fun our competitions can be, while at the same time supporting our chosen local charity — Shooting Star Children’s Hospice.  

The Captain’s Cup was run over both days of the June 19th/20th weekend, it was Stableford format, with two options to post a single 18-hole winner… and indeed they came, they played, and she conquered!  

While several people had great playing days, the greatest winner was Shooting Star, for which we collected £820. A terrific sum of money and on top of this we are looking at the potential to have this doubled through the charitable actions of certain big business organisations. Absolutely marvellous. 

The weekend failed to live up to the predictions of doom and gloom and gave the players very friendly conditions in which to contend and shine. The course was in great condition and kindly setup by our lovely greenkeepers to accommodate all our playing levels.  

Saturday saw some great competition, with David Woollatt recording a belting 42 points to top the first round leaderboard. Many thought this was unassailable due to the testing forecast for Sunday, but this was not the case! Calum Grubb’s 40 points was close but still held the overnight second place, whilst George Stanton was clearly on form with the best of the four 39 pointers to grab third place. 

Meanwhile, on the practice putting green, we held the Charity parking space putting competition. Thanks to Alex and Dan for spending hours of their day to manage this!  

As this was also run over two days, we decided to take the best two scores from each day. You need to understand that this was our first attempt at a clever take on putting a ball into a hole. Day 1 was from 30 yards, with five rings of differing points — it is hard to even see the hole from that far back! George Stanton (of 2nd place fame) and Tom Roberts had no issues with 65 points apiece, magic!  

On Sunday, we greatly shortened the distance and still the scoring was the same, a scientific conundrum. Dave Green nudged in a 70-point blitz with Bruce French a conundrum-supporting 65. Well done the four of you, please share the parking rights fairly, no squabbles please!  

Thank you to all 82 contributors for your generosity over the two days. I hope you enjoyed the subsidised benefits from the F&B team, kindly supporting our charitable efforts. 

Sunday’s golf did not disappoint the crowds. David was primed and kindly agreed to return to the club for the rather handsome cup to be presented should his work on Saturday prevail, but he was not needed!  

The top slot was taken by the magical talents of Jacqui Green, who exerted such control of the little white ball that she shot 43 points. Wow! Well done, Jacqui. The day’s second spot went to Greg Murdoch, whose game has been bubbling in recent competitions, with a fabulous 41 points. In third place, stunning all including himself, was Q (Pete Tristram), who is on a roll at the moment, excellent result old chum. 

We usually throw in some nearest-the-pin interest for those that like that sort of accuracy test. We chose the 6th and the 17th both days. I would say both have a big blob of off-putting water in front, but don’t they all!  

Regardless of the aqua, John Hennessy and Phil Rule were Saturday’s rockers, whilst Rob Pountney and Andrew Woolley were Sunday’s rollers. Direction and distance control, such talents we have in our club.  

The final Captain’s Cup result is posted online, even though I’m sure you’ve worked out the top three for the overall Cup standings. Importantly, the cup winner was Jacqui whose name is now the first name to be engraved on the shiny silverware.  

Just to underline the competitiveness of the weekend, the last of the 36-point scorers (guess who!) was placed 33rd! A tough school. Thank you to all those taking part, joining in the fun and staying to listen to the green-jacketed guy deliver his very interesting post-match dialogue. 

Get involved

If you are new to the club and wondering how you can get involved in the weekly entertainment at Pyrford Lakes, its simple, sign up! Website or IG app, either works, just add money to your competition account and entering is a breeze. I can do it so it must be! Any issues, message me or the administration team and we’ll help. Rob is a guru on all things help, so track him down.  

On top of this, Get Golfing is running an Order of Merit that will send best Cup performer to Le Touquet for a sponsored event. Another great reason to join us and compete! The next cup event is the Smart China Cup on Saturday, July 3rd, open to all that have three weekly club Stablefords (or medals) registered, hope to see you there. 

Finally, the admin team is also aiming to run more fun competitions, four-ball scrambles and better-ball formats. We would particularly like to invite our many new members who have yet to get involved to join in these. It’s a great way to get a little competition, mix with other members and get full benefit from all your club offers. Watch out for Dan’s weekly updates. We’ll try to get a more fun-format-focused schedule introduced as we move into the autumn and winter. These are also a great, fun way to add to our charity. A little help makes a great difference. 

Competitions News

The Race to Le Touquet is well underway, and although we have had some interesting weather, from scorching sunshine to rotten rain, competition has been keen. 

It is great to see so many of you playing in our competitions, informal or formal. However, we definitely want to see more of you teeing up. The end prize is quite something and should be a great carrot for you all.  

Each Monday, we set out all the upcoming competitions and provide sign-up links. Please use these as not just an opportunity for friendly competition, but also as a platform to meet new members and test your skills. Golf is more than just your score, and all are welcome to join these events. 

The next Race to Le Touquet event is the Smart China Cup on July 3rd. This is another great opportunity to get some points on the board towards a possible trip across the Channel! 

Upcoming RTL events:  

  • August 7th: Anniversary Cup 
  • September 4th-5th: Club Championship 
  • September 18th: Autumn Bowl 

Pro News

From Andrew Blackman, PGA Pro: At last summer is in full swing, the course is looking great, and some great scoring is out there looking at some of the latest results! 

A warm welcome to all our new members, I’ll get to meet you all soon but please feel free to say hello and join in with all the activity around the club. I’ve had a lot of fun coaching the last three months and it’s nice to see so many of you wanting to improve and learn some new skills. 

I’ve picked a few topics this month that people have requested they need help with, so here they are!  

Short Game Masterclass: Still really popular and requested lots is my Short Game Masterclass, lots of theory and technique with questions and answers explained. Max four students in a class for 2.5 hours all around the short game area, trying all kinds of shots from pitching (high and low) club selection, the basic chip, tight lies, rough lies, lob shots etc. Titleist ProV1 practice balls supplied and refreshments — £60 pp, please book your place at [email protected] or 07977 652798. 

  • Saturday, 3rd July 9.30am – 12pm 
  • Friday, 9th July 3.30pm – 6pm 
  • Thursday, 15th July 2pm – 4.30pm 
  • Saturday, 17th July 2pm – 4.30pm 

Seniors and Ladies Weekly Clinics: Every Tuesday (Seniors) and Wednesday (Ladies) both run from 10am -11am and concentrate on different aspects of the game weekly. Very informative and lots of fun! £15 pp to include tea/coffee afterwards, all range balls and coaching. Roll-up format and no longer restrictions on maximum participants, meet at 9.45am. 

Sand School — Greenside and Fairway Bunkers: With the addition of the new bunker on the driving range, I can now teach fairway and greenside bunker shots in the same area. You may have noticed a few more bunkers have been added to the course and fairway bunkers shots will be used more. Many members have asked me for help so here it is! Max four in a class, 1hour 30 mins session, £22.50pp. Please book your place [email protected] or 07977 652798. 

  • Friday, 2nd July 4.30 – 6pm 
  • Thursday, 8th July 4.30 – 6pm 
  • Saturday, 24th July 3pm – 4.30pm 

The Golf Swing — faults & fixes: Come along a learn about what faults you may have and how to fix them with practice tips. This class is FREE OF CHARGE to members and £15 for guests. Max five people. Please book via [email protected] or 07977 652798. 

  • Wednesday, 7th July 11.30am – 12.30pm 
  • Friday, 9th July 1pm – 2pm 
  • Saturday, 24th July 9.30am – 10.30am 
  • Thursday, 29th July 2pm – 3pm 

Junior Golf: After a very successful April, May and June starting our Junior Classes, we continue into July on Saturdays with a maximum of six juniors per class. It’s not too late to register.  

  • July 3rd 
  • July 10th 
  • July 17th 
  • July 24th 

Timings for the classes are: 

  • 0900 – 10.00 (Ages 5-11) 
  • 10.00 – 11.00 (Ages 5-11) 
  • 11.00 – 12.00 (Ages 5-11 
  • 13.00 – 14.00 (Ages 12-17) 
  • 14.00 – 15.00 (Ages 12-17) 

Price for the 4-week course is £50. To sign up or find out more information please contact Gus at [email protected] or call him on 07507 682969 or Andrew at [email protected] or 07977 652798. 

Re-Gripping: Looking for an edge on the course? If you play on average once a week, GolfPride states that you should change and refresh your grips once a year! How old are your grips, have they ever been changed? New grips make a huge difference to grip strength and feel. Speak to me about the right grips for you, different sizes, prices and feels. GolfPride, Lamkin, Winn and SuperStroke grips held in stock.  

Remember, I’m always here for a chat about your game and what your goals are and where you would like to be. I can then devise a plan and advise the best route to take. One-to-one lessons are the best and fastest way to improve, check out my google reviews at and sign up to my emails for special offers and game improvement. 

Proshop News

We have three great promotions this month from the Pro Shop. Remember all profits go back into your club. 

Pyrford Golf Club

With high demand for the Srixon two dozen SuperSleeve offer last month, we will be carrying this over into July. Don’t forget to bulk up on ammunition for what is going to be a summer of lots of golf! 

Pyrford Golf Club

Are you looking to replace your golf shoes? Have the spikes worn, or do you just fancy a stylish pair of shoes with that casual look? Buy any pair of Puma shoes with your member discount applied and receive a Puma Golf Carry Sack completely free of charge. 

Pyrford Golf Club

Playing so much golf that it is becoming tiresome to lug your bag around the golf course? We have a limited number of fantastic Powakaddy 2020 FW3 electric trolleys available at a price of £349.99. Brand new last summer, the last lockdown means they haven’t seen much use, so grab a great deal today. Please look in the Sale section on the Get Golfing Pro Shop website 

New equipmentJohn Rahm’s win at the US Open was EPIC! Keep your eyes posted for the launch of Callaway hardware, bags and accessories on the Get Golfing Pro Shop. Coming soon in July.  



With a surge in interest in golf, we have several beginner’s sets for Men, Ladies and Juniors from Fazer & Benross. 

Demo daysNumbers do not lie! Our first Get Golfing demo days at Redlibbets and Mill Green have been a huge success, with many members seeing vast improvements through the latest technology. Keep your eyes peeled for more dates and contact me at [email protected] or 01474 554960 to book with the top brands coming to your club! 

Top up your card: You can top up your club/levy cards via the Get Golfing Pro Shop without buying anything. Summer is here and beer funds are needed! 


We have recently received some fantastic reviews at the club and thought it might be nice for our members to hear what some visitors have said about the club and course over the last few weeks.

“Love this course!! Gets better and better every time I visit ... top marks!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Matt H
“Beautiful golf course and I have never played a golf course like this. Water on every hole and was so much fun.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Ryan Morgan-Carter 
“Amazing course in an incredible setting. Team are fantastic at keeping it pristine. A must play.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Westbox321
“Hi Dan and the team at Pyrford, thank you all very much for your hospitality and a great day on Friday. All the team from catering to grounds staff were friendly and helpful which made the day more enjoyable. The course is in excellent condition and with all the alterations even a more beautiful place to play golf than last year. The catering was spot on, given all the restrictions we have in place. A number of us will be returning to play this year and our ‘Friday Boys’ society will definitely be back next year.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Friday Boys Golf Society
“Played this course today. Superb track. Great greens. Lovely staff serving our food & drinks at a safe distance. Very well organised. Thanks to you all.”
Rated 5 out of 5 by The Jollys Golf Society
“A message of sincere thanks to everybody at Pyrford who helped to make our society day such a great success.  The compliments from my colleagues were all of the outstanding variety. Thanks to all the staff for their welcome and service today. All done with a great course in awesome condition, with great food and from Neil and the girls with a cheery smile. We are all most grateful. Please pass on our collective thanks to all for a great day out. We will be back next year for sure. Perhaps you might let us play off the whites, just so they can see what the difference is!!”
Rated 5 out of 5 by Phil Rule