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Club News

From Dan Lucking, General Manager: May finally brought some normality back to our lives, as we were able to welcome you all into the clubhouse for some much-needed socialising and the ability to enjoy a drink without having to wear four layers… and still feel cold!  

The transformation of Pyrford Lakes continues at full steam, our lake-back work on the 18th has now been completed and it looks great! Hydro-seeding is in full swing with 60-70% of the disrupted areas complete, over the next few weeks, with the soil temperature improving the course will recover quickly and start to show it’s beauty. A massive thank you to all of our hardworking green staff and contractors that have made this transformation possible in such a short period of time.  

As we move into June you will start to see more of our new re-branding appear, this month we will finilise on site signage, entrance logos and our brand new, hole cups, flags and pins will arrive.  

As some of you may have noticed our new weekly email is now live! While our monthly newsletters are extremely comprehensive, we wanted the weekly updates to be more succinct and focused on club life. If there is anything you would like to see added or removed! Please do send me an email [email protected]  

We need your reviews! We have an extremely passionate and dedicated team at Pyrford, Lakes, something of which I am personally very proud. We don’t often shout about all of the hard work and investment that’s helping forge the future of the Club but positive and productive reviews from Members will go a long way in today’s digital world. When you get a moment, please click here to pop over to Google and leave us your thoughts.  

Have a fantastic month’s golfing! Please don’t forget, I’m always free to grab a coffee and discuss all things Pyrford Lakes.  

Course News

From Rich Covey, Course ManagerWhat a difference a month has made, from the driest April to a very wet May. The course has taken the much-needed rain well, it has greened up and become more receptive to a good golf shot. 

As you will have seen, all of the bunkers have now been completed with rubber and sand and have settled down thanks to the recent rain. 

The construction work around the 18th lake bank has been completed and we are in the process of increasing the level of water, a final hydro-seed to the banks will be carried out to finish off the project.  

Hydro-seeding continues around the course and, with conditions favouring seeding, it shouldn’t be too long before we see all areas starting to germinate. 


We start a fairway over-seeding programme in the next few days, which will introduce finer grasses into the profile. These grasses are more resistant to drought and will create a much more sustainable playing surface. 

Aeration and a light sand dressing will take place over the next couple of weeks, which will form part of our fortnightly aeration programme, this will cause very minimal disruption to the playing surfaces. 

Clubhouse News

We are sure many of you know, our plans for the refurbishment of our clubhouse and patio were submitted in April. These are now due for determination in a week or so. We will keep you up to date with progress but, depending on the decision date, we will be looking to start the patio area this side of Christmas with the clubhouse and floating restaurant coming in January 2022. 

Staff News

Our team continues to grow! I’m very pleased to have Michael Crane onboard as our latest trainee manager. If you fancy an introductory coffee and a chat, please feel free to email him on [email protected]. 

He says, “I am extremely excited to be joining the Pyrford Lakes team and starting the next step of my career in the golf industry. My introduction to golf came when I started as a barman at the club in my village and that’s when I got the golf ‘bug’ as they say! Since then, I have been involved in most aspects of the industry, having worked as a Food and Beverage Manager, Custom Fit Specialist and Assistant Retail Manager. I even had a fun year managing an Adventure Golf site! 

“My love for playing golf has very much shaped my career path and I’m now looking forward to learning even more about the game we all love to hate whilst getting to know all the Members here. Hopefully I will get a chance to join as many of you as I can for a game around Pyrford Lakes soon.” 

On a sadder note, I would like to say a massive thank you to Lauren who will be leaving us for pastures new. The food and beverage team has grown immensely under her guidance, and she will be missed by all. We wish her every success with her next challenge.  

As I’m sure most of you will have noticed, Lauren is no longer with us. She has decided to take a well-earned break from the hospitality industry and move onto pastures new. I would personally like to thank Lauren for all her hard work and dedication, building Pyrford Lakes into something special has been extremely difficult, especially given the condition it was in just 14 months ago. Without team members like Lauren, the huge steps forward we have made simply wouldn’t have been possible. We wish her all the very best moving forward.  

Announcing Arkley

Charity Get Golfing CIO is excited to announce that it has agreed a 25-year lease with property company, U+I plc to take over the running of Arkley Golf Club, near Barnet in Hertfordshire.

Arkley joins Get Golfing’s stable of clubs including nearby Mill Green, which sits between Hatfield and Welwyn Garden City in Hertfordshire, Warley Park in Essex, Surrey clubs Hampton Court Palace and Pyrford Lakes, Redlibbets in Kent, The Bristol in the West Country and Sherfield Oaks in Hampshire.

Situated in close proximity to the M1, M25 and A1 on the outskirts of Barnet, Arkley Golf Club is a beautiful par-69 course laid out by celebrated golfer and course architect James Braid and further improved by the legendary course designer Harry Colt. The tree-lined, 9-hole course has 18 distinct tee boxes and provides an enjoyable challenge for golfers of every level.

Get Golfing CEO Edward Richardson says, “Arkley is a special golf club with an important place in the development of golf in Britain, so we are delighted to be involved in returning the club and course to its former glory. We would encourage anyone who loves golf to try Arkley, it is a historic course and a very welcoming venue to relax after a game of golf.

“We are also immensely proud that the current operator, U+I Golf Limited, has chosen us to continue their good work. Director John Weir is a hugely respected figure in the golf industry and to get his endorsement means a lot to all the team at Get Golfing.”

The change in management also means that Arkley members will now be able to access other clubs in the Get Golfing group at great rates and will benefit from a range of market-leading discounts on drinks, food and golf equipment. They will also be able to enter some of Get Golfing’s fantastic competitions, such as Get Golfing’s Society Masters and its Order of Merit series for members, called The Race to Le Touquet, which in addition to offering the opportunity to win golf trips, comes with a fantastic array of prizes.

Club Captain Kaz Donald told Arkley members in the club’s April newsletter that the handover was “a real positive” for the club: “President David and I have met Edward Richardson and we were very impressed. His passion for golf, and the future, is palpable… I do believe that the future is bright!”


Events News

As we move into the season ahead, we will have a whole host of events for you. To kick off in June we have: 

  • June 5th – Singha Special: Thanks to our Race to Le Touquet sponsors, you can sit down after your round and enjoy this perfect sundowner from 18:00 onwards. Buy 1 pint and get your second half price!  


  • June 11th – Curry Night: To start a selection of our finest Indian snacks: crispy onion bhaji (Ve), poppadoms (Ve), tikka chicken skewer, cucumber raita (V) and mango chutney (Ve). This is followed by a choice of two carefully selected curries to suit every taste and two others for you to try something new! Price is £24.99 including a pint of Singha.  
    • Chicken Makhani: mild and buttery with tomato, pistachio, cardamom and cloves;   
    • Lamb Shatkora: a medium spicy sauce with fresh chilli, coriander and a zesty citrus kick.   
    • Red Lentil Dahl: a medium sauce with a complicated flavour of toasted spices and a hint of cashew nut (Ve). 
    • Pork Afghan Curry: Pork shoulder, roasted with spices and simmered in a unique and spicy sauce with hints of pea and fresh mint.    
    • All served with steamed basmati rice (Ve) and Naan bread (V).  


  • Members vs Management: Fancy a quick 9 holes? Want to make it interesting? How about Members vs Management? Two members vs two of the management team. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Email Alex at [email protected] if you and a partner are interested.  

Captains Updates

From Tony Brunt, Men’s Captain: The two months since we came out of hibernation have flown by, and we have been trying to make up for lost time on the competitive and social golf front. Three cup events, half a dozen club comps, eight friendly fivers and 45 Member mixers consumed, not to mention the innumerable Seniors and Ladies events!  

It’s great to see so many Members back together again, getting involved with club life and enjoying the events. Our latest weekend competition, a medal, was won with a very commendable net 69 by David Holland a great score in the delightful weather, congratulations! 

This month I would like to review with you a couple of topics your Admin Team have been discussing over recent weeks: pace of play, and the scope of involvement with our chosen charity.  

All the effort we put into our club is to improve our enjoyment of the sport we play and to encourage involvement in the events we setup for you. I trust you will welcome and support us in our endeavours in these areas on your behalf. 

Pace of Play: Whilst there is a spread of talent amongst us and a variance in the fitness we possess, one might expect the desire to get round the course in a reasonable timeframe is similar. After all there is a bar to visit, a lunch to attend, or housework to enjoy. Perhaps it is the attractiveness of such post-golf activity that may make individual definitions of ‘reasonable timeframe’ different, but we have chosen to respond to voices of concern and get our Member competitions flowing more smoothly. Whilst the time taken for a round may vary due to format, weather, number of players in a group, or handicap level, it should be part of the player’s remit to enjoy their game at a pace that does not unduly impact the enjoyment of others. I hope you agree.  

It is the responsibility of each group to keep up the pace of play, meaning, each group should keep up with the one in front. This is etiquette laid down by golfing bodies across the galaxy, including the R&A and England Golf. Whilst we may wish to embellish this by including comments on the performance of a group behind or point to our watches when challenged, no, it’s the group in front setting the guide pace.  

Get Golfing is helping us by supplying very nice and kind marshals who indicate to groups suffering from ‘gap-in-front blindness’ to pick up the pace so we don’t leave a gap.  

However, we still have groups not paying attention and not reacting to these requests to ‘upscale’ our game. It is our chums behind that suffer from such inaction, each hole lost ahead is a 15-minute delay for those behind, you can do the maths for two or, God forbid, three holes dropped. 

If we find ourselves in a group that just cannot muster the extra pace required to keep up with the jack rabbits ahead, then please follow golf etiquette, step aside and let the group behind through. If you are unsure how to best do this, the marshal will be able to help. Whilst this is not Option 1 for anyone, it is preferable to just doing nothing to help remedy the situation. 

When asked next by a marshal to catch up or step aside, please do not ignore them, agree between you to speed up your process per shot and comply. This is for the communal good, your admin team is now ready to provide the help needed to the marshals and will follow up on their pace of play reports. Please take this on board in the spirit intended, to improve the enjoyment of golf for us all. 

Charity News: You may recall that our charity this year is Shooting Star, a local children’s hospice. The difficult time we have experienced over the last year has meant we were not able to provide too much help to them and so made a modest contribution from the general Member funds, supplementing the Senior Men’s contribution from their own ‘war chest’.  

We see this year as being little different. Whilst we are contemplating a similar path to support them this year, we also want to offer specific opportunities for us all to engage in fun events that support Shooting Star through mini-auctions, raffles, in-game activities and such like.  

Although we join a golf club principally to play and enjoy recreational golf, we hope we can do so while occasionally benefiting others much less fortunate than our happy selves. Adele has now agreed to donate some of her time and join the admin team to cover events management, so will be introducing these in the newsletters to come. Muchas gracias Adele. 

Competitions: Dan is now sending weekly competition updates so please get signed into these. The next Race to Le Touquet event will be the Captain’s Cup set for June 19th and 20th. It is a two-day Stableford competition offering each player two opportunities to play and post a winning score. You may play either day or both days, your best result will go forward to the leader board to count for both Cup and RtLT points. Cost and rules will be provided as you sign in via website or app. It is a new format for us to administer, but our trusty heroes, Greg and Rob, will no doubt perform their usual rock steady setup and running of the technology. 

Enjoy your golf as the weather is now set to significantly improve (!) and let’s get the most out of our marshals, they are there to help us all.

Competitions News

Dan is now sending weekly competition updates so please get signed into these. The next Race to Le Touquet event will be the Captain’s Cup set for June 19th and 20th. It is a two-day Stableford competition offering each player two opportunities to play and post a winning score. You may play either day or both days, your best result will go forward to the leader board to count for both Cup and RtLT points. Cost and rules will be provided as you sign in via website or app. It is a new format for us to administer, but our trusty heroes, Greg and Rob, will no doubt perform their usual rock steady setup and running of the technology. 

Enjoy your golf as the weather is now set to significantly improve (!) and let’s get the most out of our marshals, they are there to help us all.

Pro News

From Richard Ellis, PGA Pro and founder of Real GolfDear Golfers at Pyrford Lakes, our REAL GOLF intensive schools are the perfect way to speed up your progress. Four students, plus one REAL GOLF professional, times three hours, equals HUGE progress!  

Sessions available at Pyrford Lakes:  

  • Chipping Masterclass  
  • Putting School 

5-star Google review: “I attended the intensive Chipping Masterclass and found it incredibly helpful, very impressed how they zeroed in on what i needed to work on and the explanations were very clear. Thanks for giving me so much more confidence around the greens!” Mr Sung  

4 for the price of 3! Get a group of four students together and you will only pay for three! This can be made as a ‘private booking’ at a time to suit your group. Please email: [email protected] to book your session. 

For our June schedule at Pyrford Lakes please visit 


From Andrew Blackman, Head Golf Professional: I sincerely hope you and your families are well and enjoying a little more freedom! It’s great that Spring/Summer is finally upon us and it’s brilliant to see the course taking great shape and golf is in full bloom. 

A warm welcome to all our new Members, I’ll get to meet you all soon but please feel free to say hi and join in with all the activity around the club. I’ve had a lot of fun coaching the last few months, it’s nice to see so many of you wanting to improve and learn some new skills. 

I’ve picked a few topics this month that people have requested they need help with, so here they are: 

Short Game MasterclassExtremely popular in April and May was the Short Game Masterclass, lots of theory and technique with questions and answers explained. Max four students in a class for 2.5 hours all around the short game area trying all kinds of shots from pitching (high and low) club selection, the basic chip, tight lies, rough lies, lob shots etc. Titleist ProV1 balls supplied and refreshments, £60pp. Please book your place at [email protected] or 07977 652798. 

  • Friday, June 4th: 3pm-5.30 
  • Saturday, June 5th: 10.15-12.45 
  • Thursday, June 10th: 2pm-4.30 
  • Saturday, June 26th: 1pm-3.30 

Seniors and Ladies Weekly Clinics: These run every Tuesday (Seniors) and Wednesday (Ladies) from 10am for one hour. They focus on different aspects of the game weekly. Very informative and lots of fun! £15pp to include tea/coffee afterwards, all range balls and coaching. Roll-up format and no longer restrictions on max participants, meet at 9.45 for 10am start. 

Sand School – Greenside and Fairway Bunkers: With the addition of the new bunker on the driving range, I can now teach fairway and greenside bunker shots in the same area. You may have noticed a few more bunkers have been added to the course where fairway bunkers shots will be used more. Many members have asked me for help, so here it is! Want lower scores and more sand saves? Come along to Sand School and learn how to be a master with better knowledge and technique in both fairway and greenside bunkers. Max four in a class, one-hour 30 mins session, £22.50pp. 

Please book your place [email protected] or 07977 652798 

  • Thursday, June 3rd: 3.15pm-4.45pm 
  • Saturday, June 5th: 2.45pm-4.15pm 
  • Wednesday, June 9th: 12.30pm-2pm 
  • Friday, June 18th: 3.45pm-5.15pm 

The Golf Swing (Basics)Come along a learn about ‘The Golf Swing Basics’ and why some of you may struggle with particular areas of the swing. You’ll leave the class with a better understanding of what is required to swing the golf club with more long-term consistency. 

This class is FREE of charge to members and £15 for your guests, Max six people. 

Please book via [email protected] or 07977 652798 

  • Thursday, June 3rd : 2pm-3pm 
  • Saturday, June 12th: 9.30am-10.30am 
  • Friday June 18th: 1.15pm-2.15pm 
  • Tuesday, June 22nd: 11.30am-12.30pm 

Junior Golf at Pyrford: After a very successful April and May starting our Junior Classes, we continue into June on Saturdays with a maximum of six juniors per class, it’s not too late to register. 

  • June 5th 
  • June 12th 
  • June 19th 
  • June 26th 

 Timings for the classes are: 

  • 0900 – 10.00 (Ages 5-11) 
  • 10.00 – 11.00 (Ages 5-11 ) 
  • 11.00 – 12.00 (Ages 5-11 
  • 13.00 – 14.00 (Ages 12-17) 
  • 14.00 – 15.00 (Ages 12-17) 

Price for the 4-week course is £50. To sign up or find out more information please contact Gus at [email protected] or call him on 07507 682969 or Andrew at [email protected] or 07977 652798 

Re-GrippingLooking for an edge on the course? If you play on average once a week, GolfPride states that you should change and refresh your grips once a year! How old are your grips, have they ever been changed? New grips make a huge difference to grip strength and feel. Speak to me about the right grips for you, different sizes, prices and feels. GolfPride, Lamkin, Winn and SuperStroke grips held in stock.  

Remember, I’m always here for a chat about your game and what your goals are and where you would like to be. I can then devise a plan and advise the best route to take. One-to-one lessons are the best and fastest way to improve, check out my google reviews at and sign up to my emails for special offers and game improvement. 

Proshop News

Demo Days

It brings me great pleasure to announce Demo Days will be coming to Get Golfing sites throughout the summer. With Premium brands including TaylorMade, Callaway, Cobra, Srixon, Wilson; get fitted for the latest and greatest!

Please contact Nick at [email protected] or call 01474 554960 for available slots.


New Brands in the Proshop

  • Ecco Golf Shoes – Blending on-course performance with off-course style / Premium comfort and Henrik Stenson representing as their new ambassador.
  • Duca Del Cosma Shoes – All new Nappa Leather Golf Shoes. The Belair is an award winning shoe from Golf Monthly Editors Choice for 2020!
  • Srixon Golf Clubs – Tee off with the Srixon ZX5 driver that Hideki Matsuyama won the Masters with. All new hardware available now.


June Promotions

  • Buy a Cleveland Zipcore Wedge and receive 6 Srixon Z Star Golf Balls completely free!


  • Purchase a Wilson Staff Grip Plus glove and receive a 2 Ball Sleeve of Wilson Duo+