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Club News

From Dan Lucking, General Manager: Welcome to our November newsletter, I hope everyone has been enjoying their golf over the last month. October has been extremely busy at the club, with our Society Masters, Race to Le Touquet events and over 5000 member and guest rounds. Richard and his team have been doing a fantastic job dealing with some very changeable weather!

As we move closer to our new year clubhouse and patio refurbishments we are working on plans to keep you fed and watered during the build.


Our Box 19 has been delivered and will undergo some finishing touches ready for January!


Full details including 3D renders and timelines for the build will be available in the coming weeks.

As ever, if you have any questions please feel free to send me an email  [email protected]

2022 Subscriptions

The improvements on the course have already begun to pay dividends with significant increases in the number of golf bookings and the value of those bookings. This should not be lost on the membership, as it is through the generation of visitor income that we have been able to invest significant sums back into Pyrford.

Since we took over in June 2020, we have honoured covid credits and not increased the subscription this year, and this has been achieved whilst making significant investments into the Club. The next stage in the refurbishment of Pyrford is the clubhouse and patio area. We anticipate that this will improve the members surroundings and bring in much needed supplemental income from function bookings. As has been previously explained, as a charity, these increased revenues and subsequent profits all go back into the Club.

The primary goal of Get Golfing is to deliver a quality experience to our members with excellent value for money. As we all know, inflation has started to raise it head and we have been advised that we should expect an increase in operational costs of between 5 and 7.5% due to increased staffing costs, energy, supplier pricing, etc. We are very keen to resist increasing subscriptions, but have to act with an air of caution. We are therefore going to increase subscriptions (except junior members who are free), by £5.00 per month for seven and five day members, and £2.50 for 18-24 intermediates. This amounts to an increase on a full or five day membership of 3% and 4% respectively. A separate email with a detailed breakdown will follow shortly. These increases only kick in when your membership renews in 2022.

Due to the clubhouse being closed during the refurbishment, we will not be introducing these increases until April 1st, so if your renewal is between January and March your subscription will again, not be going up in 2022.

Course News

From Rich Covey, Course Manager: We have seen nearly 200mm of rainfall in October with various storms hitting us hard this last month. In the time I have been here I haven’t seen flooding on the golf course like it. 


In between all of rain we held the Race to Pyrford event which all of my team worked very hard towards, and the course was in great shape despite the rain the previous week. 


We have managed to carry out aeration in the form of hollow-coring on our tees and approaches to a depth of 3 inches to really start hitting the thatch levels in these, other work will continue on these surfaces in the coming weeks, they will be seeded and top dressed to keep uniformity across the course. 

We will continue to aerate the greens to keep the air flowing through the profile to reduce the risk of disease. 

The path work is almost finished, the path running from the 9th to the 1st tees is the final path to be completed. 


Competition News

October brought with it all kinds of playing conditions – rain, wind, fog and blazing sunshine. Despite all this, the course stood firm, and some great scores were posted.  

A little summary of our winners below:  

Mens Autumn Foursomes – John de Rebello and Eddy Swindell  

Ladies Autumn Foursomes – Jacqui Green and Adele Slavin  

Men Victor Ludorum – Andy Woodruff  

Ladies Victrix Ludorum – Jacqui Green  

We have the Pyrford Winter Challenge coming up on Saturday 6th November in addition to the Men’s Winter Pairs and Greensomes Knockout competitions. Make sure you take a look at the competition pages and get involved!  

As the clocks and temperatures change, we have looked at the starting times of the weekend competitions. Currently the competitions start at 8am and whilst it is appreciated that there are a few that like to play at this early time, there is also a group of players that would prefer a later start in the winter months. 

The competitions will now generally start at 9am over the weekend and we will assess feedback as to what works for the majority. 

Obviously, we want to keep you all happy but that does present some challenges but as always – the comp admin team are here to help, so please feel free to reach out to myself, Greg Van Beurden, if you feel particularly strongly either way.

Captains’ Update

From Tony Brunt, Men’s Captain 

Hi Folks, 

As we slide inevitably into the winter golf period and leave behind the memories of a great summer and autumn of competitive golf, I thought I would highlight the work that your Admin Team puts in on everyone’s behalf and to give a brief heads up on next year. It continues to be a period of substantial change for the club and some of us have offered their time to help shape the group’s organisational capabilities and keep our competitive and social time together fun and engaging. We are in the fortunate position of having people willing to help and I believe it serves us well for the future to incorporate as many willing souls into the team and spread around the operational activities. We need a robust group moving forward and to ensure nothing becomes to onerous.  

This year we have added 2 extra people to the competitions section, Greg van Beurden and John Buckland joining Rob Pountney in booking, organising and running competitions. Greg has admirably taken on the focus of this and we have had many events run, including two handicap games each weekend. Some have taken this as a challenge to play them all (!), but hopefully many have appreciated the choice of when and what to sign up to. We hope to continue this next year with the inclusion of more team oriented games featuring a Scrambles and Greensomes league. Keep an eye out if this interests you! 

I believe that supporting handicap management, run by Pete Smart for the majority of the club, with Jacqui Green administering the Ladies section, would benefit us all as we aim to grow our organised events. In particular, the promotion to the many new members the benefits of obtaining and developing a handicap through fun competitive play, is an important role your Admin Team should drive. The club has changed hugely since Get Golfing has taken over ownership and is embarking on a new lease of life. We should grow and support this. We have all seen the fantastic improvements in the course and will see similar changes in the clubhouse next year. Hopefully, this will help expand use of the club’s facilities across the membership. We have a great opportunity to group involvement in club competition from the entire membership and so ensure Pyrford Lakes becomes not only a sought after venue for visitors and societies, but an inclusive, friendly, competitive membership too. This I believe is an important goal for us over the next year or two so that we can drive a more balanced member filled tee sheet, particularly at weekends. 

Another role I have more than a passing involvement in is that of Captain! There are a fair number of tasks to perform and more could be taken on that specifically benefits to both members and our supported charity, Shooting Stars. Having spoken to a number of you about this role, it is clear that there is a reticence to taken on this work given the time one needs to donate. We have discussed this in the Admin Team and concluded that I shall carry on this role into 2022, I trust this does not fill you with horror! Over the coming months I plan work to include more people and split the workload to give the Captain more time to foster a larger cohesive golfing community at our club. Hopefully this will also grow the attractiveness of the role of Captain and we can introduce the next exciting character to grasp the sword and shield and lead us towards greatness. 

Our Treasurer, John Hennessey, has been persisting in getting the GG system to payout winnings more quickly and those great and good at the game will have seen an improvement in this area. Our external matches, run by Jon Barber, Pete Smart and Phil Moody all take time and from what I’ve seen, many emails to fix up. We are looking to expand the calendar for some of these next year and offer more scope for members to be involved, perhaps needing another organised whizz to help out. 

Thank you to all for giving your time and making Pyrford Lakes a great place to be a member.  

On a separate note, I would like to speak again on a problem that I and also more recently from our club’s management, and that is pace of play. We all turn up to play full of hope that today will be fun and that we can focus our mental fortitude in timely manner. To this this end, whilst almost all of us usually keep up an acceptable pace whilst on the golf course, one or two of us seem to persist in feeling that it is ok to play at whatever pace we like. This is not ok. The etiquette of the game requires us all to think of others as well as our own game and keep up with the group in front. Last weekend, saw another display of the total disregard from the competition group, not to mention the whole of the day’s teesheet  There was much frustration stemming from this, directed mostly at our staff by visiting groups, this cannot be repeated. As people good at the game, we should not be guilty of such play nor allow it in our playing circle. The hours of daylight are dwindling fast now and we need to be quicker, not slower. Please folks, if someone in your group is painful, insist they speed up, we want 4hr competitions not 5hr. Thank you. 

On a chirpier and more exciting note, our resident bouncing ball, Eric Iliopoulos, is organising a party! Hooray! It will take place on Saturday 18th December and feature a 4-ball scramble team game, a magical lunch, and our bouncing ball thrashing drums for 2hrs with his band! It promises to be spectacular and all members and guests are invited to come along and join in the day. I believe Eric will also include a member’s ‘non-golfer’ guest option (lunch and the band only), but there will be details out soon that will confirm the day. It will be a bookable option on IG so please watch out for it and get involved! 

Your Captain 

Proshop News

From Nicholas DarbyGolf Retail Sales & Operations Manager: The Proshop yet again has three fantastic offers for you this month! We’ll beat all major retailers on price!

Pyrford Golf Club

Get personalised 4-FOR-3 dozen TaylorMade golf balls! The limited time offer enables you to purchase 3 dozen TP5, TP5x or Tour Response White or Yellow and receive 1 dozen free along with free personalisation.

Our TP5 sale price: £125.97

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Get your personalised golf balls

Pyrford Golf Club
Pyrford Golf Club

Just a quick reminder, the Mumba Charity Buy Back scheme ends on November 30th, so make sure to get any more old logo’d gear in for £10 off your new club apparel.

Pro News

From Andrew Blackman, PGA Professional: Hi All, 

With the autumn and winter fast approaching there is never a better time to start working on your games for next year. This always sounds a little strange as the new golfing season starts around April time (seems a long time away, eh?). 

Working on your swings and short games usually takes a little time so the winter months are great (weather permitting) to enrol in a class or have one to one coaching to help reach your goals. 

Do you have a goal or target to where you would like to be next year? Fix the slice/hook, better putting, getting out of bunkers, wedge control and better short games, hitting more fairways… The list goes on and on. 

I’m here to help so please feel free in talking to me about your goals for next year, I can devise a plan to help you reach your potential, we can play a few holes to help identify any weaknesses. Email [email protected] 

Check out my November Game Improvement Clinics. 


Here are my FREE to members lessons (£15 for guests) for November. Please book your place in any of the classes via [email protected] or 07977 652798.  

  • Tuesday 9th November 12.45-1.45 – Putting Get Together… Let’s get together and talk about the most important part of scoring, tips and advise on hand.
  • Wednesday 17th November 9am-10am – Shot Shaping… Learn how to shape the ball, high, low, left and right. A great insight into how setup can produce different ball flights.
  • Friday 26th November 1pm-2pm – Faults and Fixes… A clinic concentrating on your faults a how to correct them through good technique and practice drills 

My group paid sessions are as follows. 

Seniors Weekly Clinic 

Tuesday — 10am – 11am 


Ladies Weekly Clinic 

  • Wednesday — 10am – 11am 

These classes are fun and informative concentrating on various aspects of the game weekly. A fantastic way to meet new people too! 

Cost £15pp to include tea/coffee afterwards, all range balls and coaching. Roll-up format and no longer restrictions on maximum participants, meet at 9.45am. 


Sand School Greenside Splash 

  • Saturday 20th November 2.45-3.45
  • Tuesday 23rd November 11.30-12.30
  • Saturday 27th November 9am-10am 

Want lower scores and more sand saves? Learn how to be an expert with better knowledge and technique in greenside bunkers. 

Cost £20pp. Max four in a class.   


ShortGame MasterClass 

  • Friday 12th November 1pm – 3.30
  • Saturday 20th November 9.30 – 12
  • Saturday 27th November 1pm – 3.30 

A popular class and very well attended, lots of theory and technique with questions and answers explained… 2.5 hours all around the short game area trying all kinds of shots from pitching (high and low) club selection, the basic chip, tight lies, rough lies, lob shots etc… Titleist ProV1 practice balls supplied and refreshments. 

Max 4 students… £60pp  


Junior Golf  

From Gus Mottershead, PGA Professional: These sessions run on Saturdays with a maximum of six juniors per class. It’s not too late to register so make sure to sign up now!    

Dear Parents,  

I hope everyone is well and the juniors have been enjoying their golf through October.  

Saturday classes: 

I will be running the usual hourly classes on the 6th, 13th, 20th & 27th of November with the timings of:  

  • 09:00 – 10:00 (under 11s)
  • 10:00 – 11:00 (under 11s)
  • 11:00 – 12:00 (under 11s)
  • 13:00 – 14:00 (12–16-year-olds)
  • 14:00 – 15:00 (12–16-year-olds) 

To book your place please let me know asap and the dates you can do.  


  • 4 weeks = £50
  • 3 weeks = £37.50
  • 2 weeks = £25
  • 1 week = £12.5 

If there are dates you cannot do, please let me know before the month starts and the price will be adjusted at the rate above. If all payment can now be made before the month starts that would be much appreciated. The classes are now getting full (particularly in the afternoon slots) which is brilliant and I will be booking people in on a first come first served basis.  

With winter rolling in far too fast do not worry about sessions being cancelled due to bad weather as we have the upstairs in the clubhouse where we can continue the lessons.  

Any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Gus Mottershead 

PGA Professional  

 [email protected] or call him on 07507 682969 or Andrew at [email protected] or 07977 652798. 



Re-gripping is done on site and can be done straight away or 24 hour turn around, competitive prices using Golf Pride, Lamkin, Winn and SuperStroke grips held in stock. 

Let’s hope for a great November and please feel free in contacting me about your game and goals for the future. One to one individual lessons are the best and fastest way to improve, check out my google reviews at 

Community Outreach

The team this month have been focusing on working with our 8 sites to adapt the Club’s charitable role within their communities.

As you’ve read, Ed our CEO would like all sections of the club to work together to support one local charity for the next three years and really embed them into our sites with awareness, fundraising and use of our amazing environments.

The aim will be to have one Group charity across all Get Golfing and then one local charity at each site that can receive great support over a sustained period of time. This should maximise fundraising and allow charities to plan and budget more effectively over a 3-year period.

We also hope that with all sections of the club working together it will integrate sections, create great social interactions, and create an inclusive and exciting program of social and fundraising events.

Captains and vice captains are currently in discussion to select the Club’s local charity and we aim to announce group and local charity partners with a January launch. We are supporting this process and will have designated resources to help sites make a real difference to the local charity of their choice.

The team are also currently:

  • Selecting our partner primary and special schools for 2022 that will receive an amazing package of support over the next 3 years.
  • Organising our TAP/SEN program cohorts for 2022.
  • Setting up our This Girl Can Get Golfing calendar.
  • Developing partnerships with a wide variety of clubs and providers to broaden activities offered on our sites.

We look forward to supporting your club and if you have any ideas or links to local groups who could benefit from our support please get in touch with the team.