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Since Get Golfing took over Pyrford on June 30th, demand for the course has been unprecedented. Due to the volume of business and Covid restrictions, we have been unable to have an obvious impact on your clubhouse experience but, hopefully, you will have seen improvements in the course and its presentation. 

Across the group we have invested circa £300,000 in new course machinery. When the clocks change we will be working with the three teams; course maintenance, food and beverage, and golf services on staff training so that by the start of next season (Covid allowing), you will have a far better member experience. 

Club news

Car parking: As we all know the course has been extremely busy of late, this has caused several issues with the car parking. Until we are able to extend our current parking and build a new overflow car park, please could I ask everyone to be mindful of how they park. Please make good use of the space and allow others in the spaces either side to do the same. 

Speed of play: With the increased participation golf is seeing and the investments we are delivering, our course is now reaching maximum capacity on a regular basis. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable round, we have introduced 1st tee starters for the busier days. Steve and Duncan joined us on September 25th, both are keen golfers and will help control the starting process and marshal the course to improve round times. 


The good news is that the new government regulations do not impact golf as we play in fours, rather than eights! As a result, we do not see any effect on matches, competitions or society days. 

The only limitation will be in the clubhouse where we would ask golfers to remain in their four and not pull tables and chairs together, no matter how sociable that may feel.

In addition, could we ask Members to wait at their tables to be served rather than going up to the bar area. As part of our efforts to safeguard both staff and Members, we have introduced table service, which we hope will be more relaxing for everyone involved. We thank everyone for their patience and hope that we will be able to return to a more normal environment at some point!

It is important, however, to remember that the government is currently being pretty lenient with golf, particularly in terms of numbers on the course, let’s not give them a reason to change!

In the meantime here are some things you could do to limit your exposure — and the continued spread of the Covid-19 virus:

  • Sanitise golf clubs and golf bag before setting out
  • Keep your distance from others (6 feet +)
  • Leave the flagstick in
  • Use your gloved hand to handle items or the PPE gloves provided at check-in
  • Do not share golf clubs
  • Use the elbow bump

Course news

From Rich Covey, Course Manager: Our bunker renovations are now fully underway, with each of our 60 bunkers to be reshaped, re-edged and a new base applied. 

Once the base is in place, each bunker will be topped up with new white sand. Our aim is to complete the work as fast as possible but please check in the pro shop before your round where you will be told which bunkers are GUR. 

Hole 11 – work commences!

Bunker marked and ready to be reshaped

First level of base material ready to be compacted into place 

Bunker re-shaped, edged and the first level of base in place ready for the rubber crumb and new fresh sand. 

New tees mower: Our new tee and approach mower has arrived, which means the greenkeeping team will be able to dramatically improve the quality of cut moving forward. 

Keeping on the theme of machinery, our new Toro greens master 325D0D has also just arrived. Hopefully you can see the improvements in the cut on the greens already! 

Watch this space for our new fairway mower! 

Competition & event news

Club Championship 2020: Massive congratulations to Andy Mellett and Jacqui Green for defending their titles as Pyrford Golf Club Men’s and Ladies Champions. A huge thank you to everyone that took part!

Final results

Men’s Gross: 1st – Andy Mellett 149; 2nd – John Hennessy 153; 3rd – Wayne Diedericks 156

Men’s Nett: 1st – Guy Stainer -10; 2nd – Andy Mellett -3; 3rd – Linas Bucys -2

Ladies’ Gross: 1st – Jacqui Green 185; 2nd – Fiona Iliopoulos 196

Ladies’ Nett: 1st – Fiona Iliopoulos +14; 2nd – Linda Sulman +19

Members should note that the club will be holding a Society Masters event this year on October 16th as a way of thanking organisers for booking the club for their society. The shotgun start event will consist of 18-holes, lunch and prize giving afterwards. As a result the course will be very busy/closed on the day. It may be worthwhile to note that, alongside this fantastic incentive, all Members will be credited for 5% of the total price for a society they introduce.

For upcoming competitions please click here.

Member news

Members will be pleased to learn that we have begun resolution of an issue with subscription payments that occurred in the transition to ownership by Get Golfing.

Issues with the accuracy of the data provided by Crown Golf at the time of the takeover meant that some Members, who were due to renew after July 1st, have not yet received a subscription payment request. 

Rather than jump in with subscription demands, we delayed requests for payment until such time as we were more confident of the validity of the data. 

We are now in a situation to start the process of requesting payment for arrears and setting up the forward monthly payments. We would encourage those Members to whom this applies to contact the office and we can resolve any issues. 

To help us identify any continuing anomalies, those few Members whose renewal date has significantly elapsed will be temporarily suspended. Please do not be alarmed, we are doing this in order to bring this issue to a swift conclusion.

Freedom Play: Those of you still on Crown Golf’s legacy Freedom Play membership might like to consider moving to a new Get Golfing membership category on or before October 26th. From that date the points matrix will be changing and will not provide the same value as it has historically. By shifting to a Get Golfing category, you can take your points balance across to a Flexible Membership or to a monthly membership category and get better value and we will of course honour the remaining points balance you have.

In other news, from October 1st you will be able to use your Club Card across seven Get Golfing sites and receive your discount at whichever club you play.

From Tony Brunt, Vice Captain: It has been four weeks since I became Vice Captain and we’ve played our way through our Club Championship, where Guy and Fi (Nett) and Magic and Jacqui (Gross) played like true champions. 

We also saw Alan “Smudge” Smith demonstrate his full array of talent in the Paul Hart Trophy with 42 points. Jon’s Jug and Pippa’s Pot, presented by the 1996 Captain himself, were won respectively by Stephen Sapsford (2hcp) and Ben Birch, a fresh new talent who joined us just this month. 

We also saw an amazing talent in full flow in one of the Friendly Fivers — Adam Tugwood, 13 hcp, scored 49 points and his first scratch round. Adam has a great swing and over the last couple of years has used his distance to impress but this was an FF to savour! Bravo sir, enjoy your 10 hcp from now on!

All took place in beautiful sunshine, on beautiful greens, how lucky are we! Well… very and there’s more! 

Paying for competitions: The last weekend in September saw the Anniversary Cup with more than 50 members entered. This should be the last competition paid for in cash, which will please some who find old-world payment methods frustrating. From October onwards, payment will be made in advance from our individual competition accounts (not bar levy accounts!). Most are on top of this but please ask if you’re not. I would also ask everyone to resume online entry of competition scores. 

Entering your score: Pre-lurgy we used the club touch screen to enter results and, while this is still active, we can also now use the club website or mobile App (these even show a real-time leaderboard adding a fun element to the moment). It’s swift to use and would greatly help those administering competitions if everyone would take responsibility for their own score and enter it.

Tee booking: While I’m asking for things I would kindly suggest a slightly different modus operandi for booking competitions, even the Friendly Fiver. 

As the Club needs to continue generating cash to fund the refurbishment of our wonderful oasis, the filling of slots not required by Members by visitors will be the norm, so we should ensure we make full use of our booking lead time. Depending on your contract, most have 2-3 weeks in advance booking privileges, we should use this. 

Any subsequent need to pull out of an event is easily managed on the website and refunds will be made, so no need to fret! This will benefit us by keeping our grip on slots available for our events, particularly as we move into the winter months and our playtime is challenged by the available light.

Captain’s drive-in: As with all Vice Captains, they become full Captains and I am currently considering how to run my “Captain’s drive-in”. 

Clearly larger group events could be affected by the pandemic, so we need to consider the impact of this and any government regulation of club facilities. For those eagerly anticipating the event, it’ll be on the calendar soon and details released…keep your eyes peeled for an email.

I should also just mention to our newer members who have not yet joined in with the fun Friendly Fiver and social weekend golf, please come down on a non-competition day and play with lovely sociable people. 

Golf news

With the World Handicap System about to take effect this coming November, many of you will be wondering how it will affect you.

  • If your handicap is 6 and below it is likely to go down by one or stay the same;
  • If your handicap is between 6 and 12 it is likely to go up or down by one but could stay the same;
  • If your handicap is between 12 and 18 it is likely to stay the same or go up by one;
  • If your handicap is between 18 and 24 it is likely to go up by one or two strokes;
  • If your handicap is 24 or higher, it is likely to go up by two or three strokes.

So the lower you are, and therefore the more consistent you are, the more likely it is you will see your handicap go down when the new system starts.

The higher your handicap, the more likely it is you will have some extra shots with which to play.

Remember, these are only general opinions. Your handicap will ultimately depend on your performance over your last 20 scores, your consistency, and how many of those scores you have actually entered.

One thing is for sure, though. We will all be glued to that touchscreen when those figures finally appear.

Food & Drink news

We hope you have enjoyed our seasonal summer specials and the efforts made to provide a high quality service under trying conditions. We are currently working on our autumn and winter menus with a hugely experienced chef, who has worked with some of the greats in the business. We are also reviewing our wine, draught beer and spirits offerings and hope to bring you some delicious tipples to try. 

We are also very keen to work with local suppliers and would welcome suggestions from Members about local produce that they would like to see featured on the food menu or at the bar. Send us a note or tell us when you are at the club.

Pro news